Books by Denise Sheehan

The Graceful Garden

Enjoy a relaxing stroll through this Jacobean-inspired graceful garden with appliqué artist Denise Sheehan. Beautiful flowers, meandering branches, whirligigs, courtyard steps and more await you.

The Graceful Garden is a block-of-the-month quilt featuring appliqué blocks with embroidered accents and complementary pieced blocks inspired by the art of the 17th Century. This fantasy garden’s many details—emulating the Jacobean era—are all created with 21st Century quiltmaking techniques including starch method appliqué and rotary cutting instructions.

Also learn how to make five additional projects—including a pieced vanity chair cover and a sweet pincushion—to fill your house with Jacobean style.

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Graceful Rhapsody

Beautiful designs from the imagination of appliqué artist Denise Sheehan await as you step into the harmonious world of Graceful Rhapsody. Come join Denise as she shows you how to compose your own quilt, striking the right blend of melody and harmony.

The appliqué featured in Rhapsody is a tribute to the timeless beauty of paisleys.

Embroidered accents and a soft arrangement of pieced and alternate blocks enhance the applique. The balance of paisleys and flowers in blue, grey and taupe will make your heart sing.

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